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Medzev Historical

Medzev was formerly 1 municipality. Today it is divided into Nizny (bottom) Medzev and Vysny Medzev (above).It is founded by Carpathian Germans in the middle ages.Who are here to invited by the then monarch, after an epidemic more than 60% of the local population had cost lives. The language was therefore up to the second world war mantakisch (German dialect).After the end of second world war, citizens with a German name prefer.Many are then also (after hundreds of years!) left for many other countries in the world.However, today there are still many German for first and last names in the villages.It can so happen that you hear karapaten chatting in the two Slovaks against each other German!!


The village has many artisans. The best known of which is the ' Hamor '.It has been a rich tradition with iron.There is still a fully operational at the bottom of the Valley Forge according to this tradition.This is definitely worth a visit.Also, there is a museum on this subject.